Special Reconnaissance Regiment L119A1s

Note the PEQ14 on the far left L119A1

The Special Reconnaissance Regiment is a special operations element of the United Kingdom specializing in reconnaissance, surveillance, and counter terrorism operations. Generally, they were equipped with the same L119A1 packages as their other UK SOF cohorts with the exception of occasionally being equipped with a AN/PEQ14 instead of the AN/PEQ2 or LA5 of the other UK SOF units.

The above L119A1 is standard fare, as far as optics and accessories are concerned, with the exception of the PEQ14. These were most likely issued with their MP5s but soon found their way onto a few L119A1s. This was probably done to add visual laser capability, (PEQ2 was the primary laser at the time and had no visible laser), and minimize the total accessory footprint on the weapon. To my knowledge, these are the only 3 photos featuring PEQ14s on L119A1s, all of which are SRR. To say it was a rare occurrence would be an understatement, as simply finding verified photos of SRR is uncommon. Nonetheless, it is fascinating to see small unit variations in the equipping of the early GWOT L119s.

SRR 15.7″ L119A1 bearing a PEQ14

Cade Johnson

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