Rifle Breakdown: L119A1 Baghdad Photo

This series of images represent perhaps the most popular L119A1 10″ photographs. Here we will provide a breakdown of the rifles as they offer an excellent representation of the L119A1 and it’s ubiquitous components.

The base for the L119A1 is the Colt Canada C8 series of rifles and carbines. The L119A1 features a 10″ barrel with a heavy profile, colloquially known as the “FBI Profile” in some US circles. The rifles are fitted with the Knights Armament KAC RAS rail with the KAC “SAS Locking Lower Rail”. The locking lower rail is a part unique to the L119A1 series of rifles. Another note is that the serial number suffix, “GB” in this case, denotes the country the Colt Canada rifle was manufactured for. Other defining departures from other AR15 carbine variants are the lack of a bayonet lug under the front sight post, the upper receiver having an additional rail slot at the rear of the upper and a small, but specific, Colt Canada rear sling plate. The safety switches will also generally, but not always, have extra material extending over the rotating section of the lever to facilitate more ergonomic use with gloved hands in austere environments.

The issued suppressor and muzzle device for the L119A1 is the Surefire Flash Hider FA556-216A and the suppressor is the FA556SA with welded end cap and old collar. This suppressor and muzzle device were never offered commercially for sale and are very difficult to find. Some were sold as overruns or used law enforcement surplus items.

The stock on the L119A1 series of rifles is one of the most unique parts to these rifles. The Colt Canada carbine stocks are similar to their Colt USA counterparts from a distance but with some distinct differences. Most apparent is the presence of molded texturing found on the cheek piece of these stocks, a feature only found on the Colt Canada carbine stocks. Additionally, the rubber butt pads are fitted and glued on at the factory, this one here has been zip-tied to the stock for additional security. These stocks are fitted on Colt Canada 2 position receiver extensions.

The pistol grip is the Stowaway model made by Lonestar Ordnance. These and the A2 grips are the most common. The Lonestar grip has long been out of production but can be found on the secondary market for approximately $50. New ones can be found in paintball shops in the southern United States as a result of these shops buying out Lonestar’s inventory when they closed their doors.

The optics on this L119A1, and the most common on the type, are Trijicon TA01 ACOGs. The two specific ACOG models are the L31A1 NSN:1005-01-594-7680 and the L29A1 NSN: 1240-01-412-6608. I have never seen one of these for sale on the commercial market. The TA01 NSN is the closest counterpart available differing in the reticle from the L29A1 and L31A1.

The piggyback red dot is the Shield RMS model, mounted in the protective Shield Wing Mount. These optics are readily available but the real wing mount is difficult to acquire. Brownells offers a JPoint wing mount that is identical the Shield brand.

All SAS, SBS, UKSF, and SFSG L119A1s are equipped with the Insight LA5b laser aiming module. The newer L119A1s used by the Royal Marines use the Rheinmetall Vario-Ray laser aiming module. PEQ15s are NOT used on L119A1s. These are activated with the Insight tape switch on early L119A1s and by the Surefire SR07 D-IT on the later L119A1s.

The light on this particular L119A1 is the Surefire M600C with the tape switch attached to the KAC vertical Grip.

Other accessories on the top rifle include the Garmin 301 GPS, Redi Mag Mk1, KAC vertical grip, and KAC rail covers.

The lower L119A1 shares all the base components with its compatriot, except the stock. Due to the photo resolution, it is unclear whether the stock had the rubber pad removed or if it was replaced with a non textured Colt Canada carbine stock.

The optics and most of the accessories are the same between the two rifles save for the lower of the two having the Surefire M600a scout light switch taped to a non-quick detach Tango Down vertical grip.

More information on cloning the L119A1 can be found in Elucidate’s excellent post on the AR15 forum. Head over the the “Links” page to check it out.

That covers the first Rifle Breakdown! If you have any questions please reach out to us via email, Facebook or Instagram.


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